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lonely witch will update on the 20th with 5 pages! wow! but it'll also be the final update (for now)

after that, it'll go on hiatus until furthur notice, just like the childa webcomic.
thank you for reading this webcomic too! i hope you're enjoying it.
by reyamily
...being planned for.
im just wondering if it's actually possible to do a vertical-scrolling format given the dimensions of a typical lonely witch strip.

in this sense would you guys prefer if it'd be seperate longer entries like with the most recent strips (25a - 25c) or connected longer entries like a vertical-scroll comic? (stuff you'd usually see on webtoons/tapas)
im just thinking about options and what to do. additional input would be nice

(i swear this will be the last blog post in a while since i don't wanna fill your sub notifications with nothing but blog posts. im just asking for readers sake and whatever lol)
by reyamily
hm...i wanna make longer comic strips soon. though that would mean more infrequent and sporadic updates lol

...wait, is that redundant?
by reyamily
testing test test
by reyamily