the longer update is...
...being planned for.
im just wondering if it's actually possible to do a vertical-scrolling format given the dimensions of a typical lonely witch strip.

in this sense would you guys prefer if it'd be seperate longer entries like with the most recent strips (25a - 25c) or connected longer entries like a vertical-scroll comic? (stuff you'd usually see on webtoons/tapas)
im just thinking about options and what to do. additional input would be nice

(i swear this will be the last blog post in a while since i don't wanna fill your sub notifications with nothing but blog posts. im just asking for readers sake and whatever lol)
by reyamily
User comments:
If you think it's the best way to portray the story go for it.
i'll give it a shot!
im not sure if it can work on this website so i'll probably upload a test image or two. seeing if i should just make a larger image and if the website will accept it or if i can put multiple images all in one page

or something
if it doesn't work out i can always upload it all in a batch like usual.
Pkrankow (Guest)
Vertical tiled into intelligent pages works well
i'll be testing it out later to see what works so, rest assured!