33 - silent night
21st Apr 2022, 2:37 PM in a life without you
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Xygeus Morrowind
Well... that's certainly different from Childa! A lot more grim and somber, but yet it carries the same irreverence that I really like

Also damn I should've seen the N S tag on the profile earlier and I would've been less surprised by the nudity lmao

I wish you can update this more a lot in the future!
my bad you had to see that...lol. but sometimes i just want to free myself from my restraints, and draw stuff! (whatever that means.)

unfortunately this webcomic will go on hiatus around august, but im planning on moving it into a "2 updates every month or so" mode until august. just to get that little more out there.

thank you for reading and enjoying this one too!